Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lost Love Springs Out

it is Ez to wake in a Thumbdrive
16 plus 2 Sonnet (  Line count and Foot)

I note that you can't speak FB on TWTR
I never thought of leaving em not once
so long as FB is my publisher  
I don't get paid I grow decisively
Insubtrusive, oh IDK, a verb 
that I now call a Noun "why?" just because

My love is gone and will never return
As was a willow tree back in Beaumont.
which dripped down its vines as a tribute
to Beauteous propoertioned blue scales

I lament it no doubt as I must, though,
I'd let it go to Hell and return for thought
to the very line where I died and returned
a second time was no issue at all

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