Sunday, June 24, 2018

Government Cheese American Cheddar Cross

 It waits as though ready humiliation
longer than a hotdog rationed for spoofs
the way that it lingers always as long
 never adheres for too long though its long 
heat it between tortillas it stays strong
though it be plastic or rubber abounds
decay isn't likely the morbid and bound
to melt it takes waves of a microdilection
dictation to a rock of stone aged patina
returns with the elegance of nature,
there because of beauty a food product too
however the cylinder crowned with proof
be rested on justice, beauty, truth quest
fair by example courageous as bridles

Thursday, June 21, 2018

coyote took hold of the microphone rape, klytemnestra

coyote took hold of the microphone : rape!
the media had heard this is x-ray
now what the author is out on his own
the answers recovered  power of pown
prize surcharge success is alone
an Indian was taken he had no poem
the prevalent auspice had gone to loom
diaspora hairpin kiss of the loin
the old house was haunted and looked like gloom
take me unwanted ol coyote grooms
never again walk in Alamar
beside me i take it you're poetry

come here, I'm speaking, your narrator harms
speaking of violence and instant alarm

Life is a Mystery What Brings You Near

Life is a mystery, what brings you here?
the highway is maddening I came to talk
but why can't you hear the
 breath of the hawk
the hawk that talks a thousand times clearer
than you than your Love why are you crying?
the evening seems capable of reasoning
talk to the hawk
very early in the season of the soulstice heart
a dear runs for cover in the ether
there by a power hearing me speak are
wings of the hawk
but how do we cross to the other side
being its beak talk

The light in the stardust much makes of Earth

the light in the stardust much makes of Earth
the arrogant moment abjures its wrestle atunes
take me to the ceiling of any earth
the one in the morning the one at noon
i take it you're watching indelicate nouns
become for me happier than every truth
succumb to the careful and the coy approve
not everybody talks with apology too
and more than anything that I advert, heat
again: a spider on a string for swerves 
delights in passions that flower the stretch
from me to you to everyone a pearl

everyday after the morning awakes
i take a breath of awe from the daylight
because i love the sound of the silence
and offering partake of the fire

AFRICA BURST the immigrant manager speaks all ready English

the immigrant manager
speaks already english

tongue from the cheek
of dominion unfurl

walcot at even for score
blinks to earth

watch me my island
i already work

my spirit condenses
my Africa or burst



boredom come frequently easy i cry


boredom come frequently easy i cry
the range of forward action isn't true
it lacks the advantage of youth and you
the most exciting adventurer i hear

you never roll over for masters or lords
of yoruban fixtures the child drums
magic in the sound of my pattern stern
a ship is no fool the bindings the souls

waves beneath the fountain bliss the porpoise
the eyes of the throttle of the slaver
bequeeth it for me to the power of art
the sentimental letter to a brother

epistolery a beat for measure
to treasures of elzian pleasure