Friday, February 13, 2015


Insomnia and Hypersomnia
I can’t stay asleep, I can’t stay awake.
The hours are seconds the seconds fade.
A moment too soon arrives without haste.

Where are the comforts of love and love’s names?
Its generously timid arrangements?
What has come between is a mystery
that grows just as when a century fades

I once wrote a poem called, “Goodbye, Don’t stay.
Take your second millennium to fate
I’m done with you twentieth century.
Leave and take with you your ignominy.

I hardly have said it when suddenly

The fifteenth year of the decade has come

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Castro and Reagan in each other’s shoes
As One mumbles Frank Sinatra lyrics
the other computes the price of fresh wick
replaces the candle and lights the fuse

No man’s an island if he can be two
The sentinel guard that history wrote
and the undisputed record of war
never gained nor ever ventured or fought.

From his oblivion the actor
crosses the pantheon dragging his robes
heavier than he is for he is a ghost
the weight a phantom wears is forever

As the island is becoming a man
the man is becoming a continent.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Consolation of the Consul

Our Friends the Consuls appreciate Us.
They receive us with Justice on their Lips.
Yet they won't speak it they presume as much.
It's useless to be a Poet, Useless,
Who wants to hear of the evidence, huh?
THat's not painting a nice picture you know
The industries, businesses, and tourists
Don't expect us to notice you're bothered
With the system for system's machine sake
Politics are not jokes of miserables
But the stuff of gentlehood assasins
The root cause of nothing concerning death.
Life's not for Everyone Get over It
Some of us are not meant for Existence.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Langston and Love

Langston in the balcony grows restless
notices the accented syllable
runs off the page like a son of a gun
it steadies itself in a joke or two
what of the evening what of the heather?
isn’t it lovely as a dream that cares
that sates beauty with reason or reverse
it grants that as people we are the worse
we have no chance of survival that’s not
a mere chance made of heaven sent last shots
--what does it say of the human race when
the last chance will come and go round again?
We still exist in a vacuum of love
While Love has pursued us to its last Move.