Monday, July 20, 2015

Marti, Dario, Arthur, Tennyson

Forgive these wild and wandering cries,
Confusions of a wasted youth;
Forgive them where they fail in truth,
And in thy wisdom make me wise.

Marti and Dario enter the poem.
Father and Child, the kite string unstrung.
Blue as the firmament on which they form
From reeds of the wind, fire from the sun
Weave the golden pestles in silk thread foam
Driving toward the precipice in its dawn
The fall that never happened withheld none.

Forgive these wild and wandering cries,
Confusions of a wasted youth;
Forgive them where they fail in truth,
And in thy wisdom make me wise.

--"Come to me Stallion Muse Hero Son,"

"I do not write from a bed of roses."

"My verses twist and ignite into flames."

L.A. Tennyson "In Memorium"

Marti, Obras

Dario, "To Roosevelt"

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Night Bows Beneath the Stars

Night returning bows beneath the starlight.
Grows to enrapture the sun’s departure.
Its journey proceeds meanwhile curtains
close by degrees of shadow retrieval.
Draped across the window veils of silk
Is the sky itself and its great power
To magnify everything by its glow
A fire within the flame’s open heart.
Platter of heaven, elaborate art,
Placed on the Temple altar of mercy
Truth is the source of all mystery
It flexes at the start of the evening.

As though a dream beginning to happen.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Deus Asterisk

Of silence in the Asterisks of Emily
or parchments sung to Wind alone
nor Audience but Echoes of a Homily.
to Bless with Love’s Outrage and its song.
disrupted from the Easements noted stars
dashes and the culminating Arches
Nebulae on the Iris of the Heavens
Tail of a dorsal Fin and Gale
Wind of every Warrior’s Greetings.
To War for every Righteous Reasoning.
To Stop the Hand that Strikes the Clock to Ruin.
The Sapphic is an Eleventh Hour
Sonnet though a Sonneteer she Wasn’t.
Though Antecedent Island baked with Love.
In Medias Rex Deus Machina Dove

Details of the Petal's Form

the details of the petal’s form
are greater than the sun’s even pattern
where in the peril of beautiful turn
the crown is of its crowning a poem
a construction over something unknown
that lives as a power achieved in a bloom
the scissors of a skill carved to blossoms
from nothing but air, seed, water, and earth
Source of a power of life over art
so art is freer and starts with constraints
or breaking from rules to whatever waits
by word a rose has no name as flowery
but that one which consists of harmony

the whole earth as a gentle sine qua non

Just Before the Morning Wakes up the Day

Just before the morning wakes up the day
I have thought of every second what to say
As dawn to which a thought can be compared
And it brings fortune sunlight to the years
Darkness will return again is certain
Wander and encroach by innate pattern
Stoked by rail failure or betrayal

To Hear what private wisdom knows to tell
Of Silence in the silence overwhelmed
Remained and as a constant came to fall
Along the ridges of experience

Creation dividing heaven and hell
The clocks of all time with their hands held still
Break through to reach for Morning’s golden wheel.

on the thread of a moment its angle
suspended over the sieve of the flow
where time takes its substance from reservoir
silent and still, the volume is equal

harmony believes a flower grows crown
from underneath the arches of the sun
and sun-like that it lives it lives to sew
hems from every petal’s face and sinew

water that is author of the stylus
eye of every violet ultra fine stems
that grow as grow invisible to time
imitating aspens for their forage.

A bird comes to mind by  power of word
a song for every sound to sing the hour

falling from the branches where the bird stands
its gentle pulsing song drums on the leaves
the branches form an auditorium
the trunk becomes a flute played on the keys
that wood and wind and delicate pestles

blend from dustless sparkles sounds of beauty.


the stucco wall, iron lattice, and day              la pared, el hierro cerco, el dia
concentrate at angles glowing with glaze      niden en aspectos brillo y glace
a sparkle of cement a rusty gate                    la chispa granita y puerta sellada
the way the window magnifies the light         grandeza la luz en la ventana

the presence in the mind of its full weight           su signficado y constancia peso
at once love and gravity are balanced                en que el amor y el honor balancean
shedding the shadow strained to the surface     disminuye la sombra la aurerayo
in crosshatch of ribbons  sun and its rays           tejido por el sol y su aura

as the children gather their radiance                  como al nino que se enluzea
or parents pace deliberately dry                         mientros los padres sin humor por bien
for serious as life is as sacred                            la vida es seria y sagrada
not a minute of doubt can be danced with          ni instante de duda se baila

the love on the balcony is great love                  el amor por el balcon es grande
as much to build an arch above a home.           cruce la archa la casa ante