Friday, December 26, 2014


La realidad es triste pesadilla.
Se levanta con la lampara sol
Y regresa a la noche huye
No quiere saber nada de lo de hoy.
Prefiere descanso y alivio
Mientras existas yo te querre mas
que podrias imaginarte aun
aunque es muy triste, valdra penas
o Sea las matanzas costaran creer.
No las aceptariamos entre nos
Y porque porque porque los matan?
Porque sera que se hunden el poder
Y ya no alcanzan escape, pues,
Lo seguiran haciendo, brutales pues.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


The sounds of the morning are muted.
I hear what sounds like air turn to raindrops.
There is a symphony in the soundtrack.
It plays my favorite music the tree bough.

There is a world within the world, all knows,
Of many-colored rhythms in the spring
It mirrors as a forest casts shadows.
That it is aware of itself it knows

What beauty without limit would answer.
By words, “beauty, come forward” grows closer
leaf blooming palms eternally travels
the world it crosses crosses it ever

Rooted with restlessness stored in its feet
with heaven in its heart  arms of the tree.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014


En la distancia de la ausencia

y verde el arbol se imagina

ancho y largo su oja escucha

las flores de sus ramas expone

su sincero entrego me inspira

al todo entero de su vida

el elemento de llama esculta

apaga el sol de sus consecuencias

la estrella elabora su obra

la acaricia de la mano mansa

mientras el petalo su fuerza da

estremecida en detalles

hechas de carne de luz molida

formadas su esqueleto en seda

Sunday, December 14, 2014


It doesn’t help to love you Che Guevara
Look at me, dead in my twenties!, so what’s new?
Ask every generation for martyrs, then what?
Bask in the righteousness of being a critic?
OR dance with the dance with the devil himself?
WHat are the chances that No One is right?
That everyone’s Wrong for Good Reasons in fact
Yet whose are these voices that ring with such Zeal?
We are not animals yet we go Wild
With Lust Mad Adventure Forced Suicides
Then for what Purpose is Youth but to Die?
A thousand times every year in Childhood?
I don’t konw what to do with the Lawful
Whose Only Fat chance has come to be Bestial


Forceful for there was a Spirit within

It contained more or less everything

that ever mattered or meant what it meant

as to write within a dream of a poem

putting to words what’s not easily said

for a place of new beginnings awaits

where beauty of images and rhymes dawn

almighty was love, love was almighty

which brought out the miracles of being

such as you, here, today, my friend

you are to me what eternity time

as you appear in these words as my eyes

with your head slightly lowered and neck turned

on the words of the same force and purpose

Friday, December 12, 2014

Langston and the Law

And speaking of Langston I come to see
the sardonic absence that derisive
becomes lighthardened ascends from a vise
mutually exclusive hearts come to be

There is no love for a brother of verse
“I Can’t Breathe,” … won’t you let me go for once
Stop harassing me it’s so tedious
Get over to the sidewalk discussion

What do you have against me let’s be clear
I don’t have a Gun.  Don’t shoot. I can’t breathe
I wonder what you would have said and felt
--I come to tell you of the horror you hear

The dance of the law is a pirouette

Of Life and Death Changes don’t you forget it

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I took the road most traveled to  the  stars

I watched through morning’s lenses over more
As sunlight from the heather’s cadence flows
To live in light is all my soul’ cares for

Of Darkness yet I know I still  have more
Perception is but half the power’s pull
To answer to its call and seek its cure
I want to live my life in nature’s care.

For Certain grains of heaven fall to shore
Beauty in an hourglass for minutes
That Spread across the speckle earth  the glow
Each and every large or small detail

I would walk the common way and go by foot
And wander never ever from its course

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Dead men naked they shall be one, they shall rise again! D.T.

Young in the undertow, strong and certain,
the dense earth recoils within its core
as between the present day and hour
over the soft shores rippled waves return

and power of the creation fire coursed
fused to a stem as  flowers that grow
and parted pain from sorrow when as it flowed
lit in its wick by a flame- lightning force

so gains a purpose the soul a life source
bends toward its origin goes over
to the union of a wholeness, reverts
as death brought together so ominous

love gives no escape at that departure
but honors in its passage its fervor