Monday, August 25, 2014


As the Power of the Crooked God’s Art

This Shield was A Miracle and a Craft

While Shapes like that had never shared one Shaft

Here they were Assembled made Sacred

Greater than any Man ever Hoped For

THe Design of Challices in its Girth

The Details were Enormous of Stealth

Its Price was Paid in Flesh of a Mother

To Keep him Alive as he found his Soul

Protect him in Battle, he had no Skill

She drew  her Source to make him Immortal

Held him upside down in the Water Well

The Shield would bring Death to all of the Earth

While he ventured what was Given by Her

Saturday, August 23, 2014


--Revolt of the Cockroaches, Oscar Zeta Acosta

Oh Song! Song so Terrible wants a Tongue?

Go far away from me, I want None That.

It has the Closed Eyes of a Children’s Morgue

“No, don’t cut him again! It’s Enough, Stop!”

Enters Oscar Buddha-like Rotund.

Just as Original as Ben Franklin .

But more Alive than Dead for a Martyr

Does not Die in Vain when he is Bettered.

For that reason, the Song is a Mercy

It erred at One Time but has come to Peace.

The Killer in me uses Verb Phrases

No longer a Muse I wander a Means

For Nonviolence to Foster a Great War

With Peace and all its Munitions, my Scar.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I am as Russian as a Russian Jew.
I can spell everything once and again, Ruth.
It is something within me c'est l'Amour.
What Hollywood does to the Jews, OM,
Refer to it as Communist than annihilate
Cinemas was Nothing so much Sold,
The oldest occupation not true Sir
Philosophy is first and first alone.
Zionism returned from Eisenstein?
Snarky shit attitudes gorefor Einstein?
No, the Sun cannot take it abhors Time.
Wants to Rebuke and Refuse you its Lights.
But notice the difference and doubt the Sky.