Friday, March 27, 2015

PROFANE AND SACRED Like Waterfall Thirsty

I Think  ( I see the Lash  -- Oh does it Hurt
Like Philosophy Doused in White Ashes?


-- how a Woman reaches her Adulthood
Graced by her Ancestors Languages Gaans.

TURN TURN AROUND. Saint Jerome has Spoken.
Pi is Precision of PEACE and SEASON.

Translated to Christian this means Awe, God.
"Your Creation Divine your Sacred Looms.
They paint the Horizon with Dreams Lord
Great Spirit Almighty, God of the Heavens

Gives All Forms Plus Absolute Arrow ONE
That Divides the Sacred from the Profane.
THat without Peasant Traditions or TONE.
WhY Do I ask ANymore? Why REFRAIN?

Because CHILDREN are SACRED Professor!
The Grave Schools came to take them from Ussen

SEVENTEENER Turns 18 (for my Son, Emiliano)

Many do Not have Faith in Arizona!
No reverence for the Ancients, Son
They do NOT esteem the Saints of the Crown
Like San Geronimo Counseled Them.
 [As Point, Diameter Circumference Plane.
-- Leave the LORD to his Mysterious Source.
As I Settle for Life in an Open Air PRison
My SPIRIT's Free My Spirit is Rooted.
Should you come to take my Mother, Daughter,
The Image of my Acorn ARISEN
Reminds you of the Day I Gave you Life.
The Day that when I could've I Refrained
I did to bring Crops to the People, Alms,
Medicines, and Everything Elders ARM
Love of a Peaceful Father for his Own. ]
Children of GOthalaay What has Happened?

Thursday, March 26, 2015


The Color Of Grassroots.
* in barrio observation
Diana Lucas--joe
it was earth like
blended like that
just right
some brown with leche in it
some canela cinnamon
some rusted barb wire
red pennies
some like the maranito ginger
from El Buen Gusto bakery
and then me
negra de africa cafe
almost black
child of the slaves
delivered from a basket
left in the alley
thats what the color
of barrio

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


T.S. in Song of Old McDottard.Pure.
He exchanged the E of emotion for want.
Poor as a peasant without traditions.
Unknown as an origin's overture.
Pressed out on Paper so Innocent Plain.
Made into Prolomegnon of Torpor.
Of Allusions to Michelangelo.
Casual and Urbane, Profane as it Wans.
This is the Couch Potato or Famine.
The Power to Alter and Detonate
Beginnings as Fruitful as Any Can.
Who puts Two Dots in a Name and what For?
Does anyone Care Reasons Anymore?
(Lost out on a Line by Profanity)

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Words alone are not enough of a defense.  This is straight from the Jury Instructions.  Words alone are not enough of a defense.

It is never acceptable to use a racial slur.  The defense says that Nicolas said, "white trash." The defense wants you to believe there were racial slurs.  But, when Nicolas and the defendant who doesn't know he's recording, are being recorded.

(he had the phone in his back pocket.)  

How many times does he use the word, "white trash?"  Zero times!

If he had, he would've used that phrase and done something more, he would've attacked him.  

No one likes racial slurs and that's playing on your emotions.  

You don't have to like Nicolas.  Even if you think he did say, "white trash," the very first Jury Instruction is: do not let bias or prejudice go into your decision.

But who does use such language?  The defendant.  He says, "that fucken bitch from Youtube."  He even called his wife "this bitch."  

He took it a step too far.  That's why he's being convicted.

The witnesses saw everything.  We didn't see it.  It would still be a crime.

No evidence reasonably supports the defendant's words, witnesses don't support it. 

It's not an impossible standard.  You will find him guilty on two counts.

The witnesses of the defense:

His wife, you may as well say she's the third attorney.  The other witness--friends of the defendant for 14 years--and brought in to help his friend.  He only gave us words.  If they say he was threatened, where's the corroboration?

Not credible testimony.  That's the reason there is no evidence.  It doesn't exist.  This is a distraction: it's not about protesters.

Remember, doubt is a standard and all you have to ask is, "is this reasonable?"

The defendant wants you to believe that Nicolas was stalking the defendant.  But Jury Instruction #226 states that "was the witness biased, prejudiced, or personally related, or has a personal interest in the outcome of the case."

To the defense's arguments about Nicolas.  At 18 or 19, he made a mistake.  He didn't deny it.  It was shocking when he was asked, "do you have any regrets?" and he says, "No, I don't."

Why not?  "Because it was that moment that made me turn my life around."

The defense wants you to judge him 5 years later.  It made him an activist!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Nicolas is a 23 year old guy, a modern day activist.   On March 3,he was nearby the .99 Cent Parking Lot. He saw an injustice.  He saw a crime.  He did what any modern day activist does: he grabbed his I-Pod.

On that day-- and he was a little unknowing because he's narrating--Nicolas met the defendant who you will see on video. He is taller, older and bigger.

At some point while Nicolas is holding the camera and narrating, he gets close to the defendant with a door between them.

He turns, grabs Nicolas and as the video will show-- he didn't know it was still on.  You will hear the defendant laughing! "I fucking grabbed him.  I tossed him.  I think he's on the ground.  I think I'm going to jail."

Nicolas continues with another camera.  You won't hear the defendant say he's afraid.  It did not rise to the level of self defense.  

After the video, you will find him guilty of theft and assault!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


So, Check this Out, Heard of Arizona?

The Most Sacred Land in the Neighborhood

Just over the Mountains, Valleys and Plains

Where Beauty Came to be Born from an Oak!

Where it Sought out its Forms that Inspired

THe FUlcrum of Understanding the Truth

Which if DIsposable quoted its Death.

When with all its Prophetic VIsion's Awe

Love and Only Love upholds the Canyon.

The Four Directions the Center, the Dot.

No Circumference is Parallel Yet

Why does it Appear as though Flattened?

Where has Mass gone to Ashes then Carbon?

Audacious, L.A. you know how to Cry.

I hear you.  It's Over. WHy even Try?

Friday, March 13, 2015

POET V. POEM. (watch who wins)

Will you write a Poem today? ALl up to You.
If you need me, I'm here, just send a message.
I have a lot of reasons to resist
Writing a poem about you for my own.
I'll compose it in sequences so sound.
You may reappear with your retort
Joking away what little at leisure.
I go to my Keyboard, It listens so good.
It can absorb what I have excess of.
Reasons not to write Ever Again, Fun,
Happiness, respect, whatever I'm due.
But, what what has happened again, a poem?
THe one that I said did not exist Do.
All of its forethought was already Done.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


There stood Saussure in his Laboratory.
Teaching Linguistics as he best knew how.
Along with his Students, with their Wisdom,
Alacrity and Ceremony

For they have Traditions  they have Mercy
They know Not what to Teach yet means or May
To Instruct is to Love for all Ages
To Learn is to Know it in its stages

For Discourse is what Discourse Intends
A Message and a Messenger their Course
Look at me watching what you have Unknown
It Points me toward its Own Direction

Where Meaning Upends from a Vehicle
Drinks between two Mouths in a Syllable


There were many people in the plaza
Doing what busy people do in Russia
During the 19th Century at last
There was finality there was closure.

Or so it may have seemed based on the past
For there still was no way to measure that
But enormous history without forecast
Without a precise way to understand

Enters Fydor up to his elbows
Seeking an entrance or a portico
Into the soul of his nation and more

Reaches for Russia but captures the World.