Thursday, June 26, 2014

Couldn't Did

being pariah is actually pleasing
little birds stop to color your sky pink
you play as you sleep through your Dreams they See
everything ahead of time again twice
some memos are barely being taken
no eyes see what couldn't did happen
only we knew the truth of it and then
they were blastd our roots down to nothing
Our questions so simple to answer truth
Soon there were squads of toxic negators
Hate spewed like acid into reunions
It is so weightless to be made nothing
Invisible lesions grow curious
A brief moment of joy lasts three hours

Monday, June 23, 2014

La La Lady Bug

Oh what a lady bug   I saw today

bigger than dust smaller than my finger

red and black spotted-miniature beetle

What are you doing on that green grass blade?

underneath the petals in shade of leaves

my innocence returns to see your eyes

they are so beautiful you avert them

I seek your whole image I verify

You are a Lady Bug so what am I?

A type of Being so big and so wild

How can you trust me I am a human?

My weakness is my dumbfoundedness

I marvel at something mysterious

Instead of speaking straight to the Issue

I obfuscate I hum and I whistle

Friday, June 20, 2014

Union of Peace

When unity calls peace takes position
while some take advantage of the release
and surrender to failures again
Meanqhile quotes Chomsky and Schlovsky
But forgets there's nothing new in the mix
The union of all numbers is greater
than what has no meaning's triter than trite
only honor can fix what is broken
The rest keep on going Caterpilers
No reason to stand still and see  Rose
For it's lost its perfume has no more scent.
One third of it for the chivalrous fold
And two halves of the precious third portion.
The immigration agent wears his robe

Friday, June 6, 2014


maybe I am a sensitive guera,

a person who wished they had dark brown skin

because I didn't notice the difference

between me and my people or you

when I look in the mirror I see spirit

nothing on me has much color or tone

does that make me lesser than a human

I don't have thin skin I have nerve endings

they open to the universe full strength.

Trees speak to me I hear their wilterness.

Like Funes the Memorious by Borges.

I can't watch things die off and stay silent

To speak of my color is nonsense when

I have no color cause I have no skin.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014




    Brown Brown Cow, in his No-Genius Prime Time.
    He calls out the Hipster in every Dime.
    No taxes for Anyone but East LA.
    Sendimg out the Machinery to Slay

    Visits on Innocence Beauty and Love.
    Helmetted Challice of ANimus Lust
    Tony no speak Mandarin or Espanol
    He smiles at every Virgen: How Nows?

    If my people are Cattle I'm Master
    I call up Chevron they need a few Wells.
    That keeps me in the Ballpark of Hello
    They will take my Call, I will see to That!

    The Environment is owned by a PAC.
    The Red and Blue Bruises leave no SCAR.
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Ayy Edith

    LaTeaPartyNos go to China. Learn how to Frack
    From a Commie. Say they can't Tax Chevron.
    Come at me: Drought Propaganda.
    Technically True, Dessertification

    Talkin some crap bout the Dreamers.
    Cuz They don't bow down to Machinery
    Pulled down an A in Bio Chemistry
    Personally put in a Test Tubesy.

    Checking out that big wave of Quandaries.
    The Profs put it up its called Quantity.
    Counting the heads like Chattel Slavery.
    Send out the Squads of Civil Engagement.

    But where oh where is the Beauty to Go?
    Back Back to SLeep Sing Lullaby COlors

BLUER THAN BLUE: Brown on the Radio, Brown Drought Cow, More Money for Fracking

All I know I'm on a hill in El Paso.
It's late and I'm about to get uncomfortable.
I depress down the emergency break
The car goes very still after a small rumble.
I hear Gov Jerry Brown on the radio ... hawking.
Saying he met up with the Chinese gov
will bring energy into the environment.
Yeah, He's on the radio saying water;s no big thing.
We can use it to blast out oil and chem.
I get to have my kingdom on earth and then some.
Walks on the beach to prove I love the sand.
Yet when it comes down to me or my people.
They can always work/eat/live breathe chattel.
Release them to Walmart where they go to hell.
But grateful as ever I led them there.